Hitchhiking the globe

Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?
I do!

Welcome to my blog – I’m Sally from Scotland embarking on an epic hitchhiking adventure around the world. My goal is to make it all around the globe, from Scotland and back, without ever flying, using public transport or taxis.

I’ll share my story, the good and the bad, to give you an insight into a slightly different way to experience the world.

In this day and age, travel is becoming easier and cheaper. People are travelling more than ever before, ticking off countries and famous sights from their bucket list yet often forgetting about the most interesting and rewarding part of visiting a country – it’s people and their culture.

For many there’s a fear of the unknown… a fear of people?

Hitchhiking is a dying trend. Many people seem to think the world is a scarier and more dangerous place now than it was 50 years ago. When I first told friends and family of my plans to hitchhike around the world, the vast majority of reactions are about our personal safety, the “bad” people I might meet. I understand why these fears exist. Of course I am aware there are risks in what I am doing. When the media bombards us with one story after another of hatred and greed, it’s easy to forget about all the other people out there (the vast majority) who are good, caring and kind. Fear of the minority, I believe, is not a reason to stop trusting and believing in humanity.

Having travelled quite extensively (read more in about us section), whenever I have been in a vulnerable situation, especially whilst alone in a foreign land, the general reaction of those around me has been to help or comfort in any way possible – it may be offering directions, a lift or even just a friendly smile.

A few guidelines I have set ourselves.

  • Pay for no public transport or taxis ever. No exceptions.
  • I will be honest with you. There will be good times and there will tough times. I will not tell you only half the story.
  • Trust my instincts.
  • Be thankful to those who do help, and understanding to those who don’t (when hitchhiking trust is a two-way road)
  • Have fun!
Join as I hitch through Europe, Africa, Latin America, South Pacific, Asia, and the Middle East (rough plan, but who knows where the road will take me…!) Deserts, rainforests, islands, busy cities, remote villages. Over land and sea (yes, I haven’t forgotten those large bodies of water, which are a slight hurdle, but still more than possible to hitch!) Wherever I go there will be fun and laughter, no doubt a few tears, and certainly a lot of adventures to have. I may not have chosen the most conventional, and certianly not the easiest way to experience the world but I feel it is definitely one of the more exciting ways to travel. And, by the kindness of strangers, I will make it!
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